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Unnamed Woman Sues Rich The Kid for $35K, Alleging Secret Pregnancy and Battery

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Rich The Kid is facing a lawsuit filed by an unnamed woman who claims that the rapper owes her $35K for keeping her pregnancy a secret. According to Radar Online, the woman alleges that she slept with the rapper at a private hotel event in January 2023, where they had unprotected sex at the artist’s request.

The woman claims that after she got pregnant, Rich The Kid made her sign an agreement to keep the pregnancy a secret in exchange for $35K. However, she alleges that the rapper only paid her $10K and still owes her $25K. The woman also alleges that the agreement was to prevent his fiancée, Tori Brixx, from finding out about their tryst.

The woman also accuses Rich The Kid of battery after the act, alleging that he followed her and got into her Uber to prevent her from leaving the hotel. She further alleges that he went home with her, where they had sex again. The woman has supplied video evidence of the rapper entering her home, as captured on her home ring camera.

A photo of Rich The Kid outside the woman’s home has also emerged, showing him wearing a white striped outfit with a hat worn backward while holding a coat. The woman claims that she later found out she was pregnant, and that’s when Rich The Kid made her sign the agreement outlining the payment.

It remains unclear whether the woman had an abortion or is still pregnant, as details about her state have not been released. Neither Rich The Kid nor his fiancée, Tori Brixx, has commented on the allegations. The lawsuit was filed in a Massachusetts court, and the woman is seeking $35K in payment.

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